Having completed the Undergraduate Certificate in Coaching at the University of Cambridge, I work with individuals on both personal as well as business coaching. I am also a trained astrologer and tarot reader, and can call upon these skills in my coaching sessions for additional guidance and direction.

If you are working towards a specific short-term goal and would like help with that, please feel free to contact me for a discussion of how we may work together to serve your needs.


If there is a goal you are working towards, coaching is a helpful process that can help you access your own inner guidance, empowering you to take the necessary steps to achieve your goal.


I see each individual’s natal chart to be a potent source of self-discovery – outlining our purpose and direction, innate capabilities, what is likely to make our hearts sing as well as areas we may struggle with.


Tarot is a wonderful way of working with our intuition! Each card is multi-faceted and can be read in a number of different ways. I prefer to let each card speak to me from a heart-level, rather than adhere to the traditional meanings of the cards.